Exquisite display in unprecedented market conditions
with a focused strategic direction

Slide January 2020
Successfully acquired
signifcant stake (60%) of Gulf
Warranties, KSA.
March 2020
Efcient crisis management on
Covid – 19 pandemic situation to
avoid any business interruptions
and successfully made a transition
to remote working.
May 2020
• Acquired 9.6% stake
  in yallacompare (yc), a
  leading online insurance
  aggregator in the Middle

• Finalized fnancial impact
  assessment of COVID-19,
  stress testing and fnancial
  planning and budgeting
  across the group.
June 2020
Successfully fnalized IFRS 17
Operational Gap Assessment
and Financial Impact
Assessment made by EY across
the Group.
July 2020
Formed the Group Digital Audit
Hub, a team of professionals
who would be enabling the
digital project implementation
and cascading the required
support to all gig subsidiaries.
December 2020
• ‘Brand of the Year 2020’ award from
  World Branding Forum.

• Acquired 65.2% stake in Gulf Takaful,
  Kuwait through our subsidiary,
  gig-Kuwait and in the process of
  transferring the Group's Takaful
  portfolio to Gulf Takaful in line with new
  regulatory framework in Kuwait.

• Successfully commenced the share
  capital subscription ofering on 17th
  December 2020 to 31 December 2020
  and was extended to January 2021.

• Acquired new Actuarial reserving
  systems for Life and Non-Life
  businesses across the group.

• Developed a unifed group risk
  management policies and procedures.
November 2020
• Entered into an agreement
  to acquire AXA's insurance
  operations in the Gulf Region for
  a total cash consideration of US$
  474.75 million.

• Establishing the Anti-Financial
  Crime unit and start enabling
  continuous screening and profling
  of gig clients through the top-
  notch technologies in the feld
  and automating the compliance
  monitoring through the efective
  usage of Galvanize compliance
  management solutions.

• Shaikha Dana Nasser Sabah Al
  Ahmad Al Sabah joined the Board
  of Directors of gig.
October 2020
• Increased gig’s Authorized
  Share Capital to set at KD
  35,000,000 through an
  Extra Ordinary General
  Meeting (EGM).

• Board of Directors decided
  to Increased the Issued and
  Paid up capital of the Group
  from KD 18,703,913 to KD
  20,123,913 by way of Rights

• ‘Decade of Excellence,
  Insurance MENA’ award
  from Global Banking &
  Finance Review.