Slide Achieving notable milestones and upgrading
technical capabilities with a clear vision for the
A challenging year amid a global pandemic,
leading to rapid developments in Business
Continuity Planning
• Efective Crisis Management and Business Continuity/IT
  Disaster Recovery Planning since the early stages of
  the pandemic
• Maintaining the group’s credit rating levels in the face
  of economic instability
• Proactive impact analyses leading to adaptable strategies
• Introducing new internal controls such as credit
  policies, digital solutions and “Work-from-Home” policies
• Efective participation in the group’s expansion
• Unifcation of group risk management policies
• Building new dedicated teams across the group
• Acquiring new foundation systems for life and non-life
  group reserving
• Establishing portfolio analysis tools covering multiple
  technical perspectives
• Monitoring group reserving adequacy
• Streamlining group data requirements and processing
• Conducting various group-wide actuarial trainings
• Keeping pace with regulatory updates and
Actuarial Updates in 2020
ERM in 2020

Slide Building solid internal teams to identify
opportunities, add new values and strengthen our
technical proftability
• Unifcation of risk measurement tools across the group
• Comprehensive IT Risk Assessments
• Efective capital management and optimization
• Elaborate underwriting, claims and reinsurance
• Developing group stress testing techniques
• Strengthening the group’s oversight and alignment
  between its companies
• Developing measurable KRIs and early alarm systems
• Utilizing new technologies and risk systems as feasible
• Efcient design of IFRS 17 Group Actuarial Policies and
  step-by-step implementation of the new standards
• Building unifed group actuarial reports
• Continuous monitoring of group loss reserves
• Dynamic underwriting and pricing techniques
• Optimizing group reinsurance programs
• Efective participation in the group’s expansion
• Transforming the group’s data into competitive edge
Embedding rational risk-based decisions into the
group’s strategic objectives and expansion plans
Upcoming Actuarial Initiatives

Upcoming ERM Initiatives

“It is our responsibility to maintain a balance among our diverse stakeholders, protect all interests and create values for our policyholders with a long distance from competitors”